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For Specialty Food Makers, Growers, Food Truck Owners, Personal Chefs, Caterers, Chefs, and local food innovators of all kinds...

Most of the people who decide to start food businesses are passionate, knife-wielding, super-skilled cooks. They’re incredibly talented in the kitchen. 

BUT the business of growing a food startup requires an entirely different skill set.  

You’ve probably asked yourself these questions: 

  • How do I find new customers, and what do I say to them when I do? 
  • Why am I working so hard but not making any money? 
  • How come I always feel so pushy or “salesy” when talking about my business?
  • With so many options, where the heck do I even start with my marketing? 

My name is Jill, and while I’m a marketing coach today, I got my food business experience by being a food entrepreneur myself. I started an organic baby food company in San Francisco in 2010, and have been exactly where you guys are… I was cooking long hours in a commercial kitchen, selling my products at farmers markets and online, and trying like crazy to build my business in the smartest way I knew. 

Now, after several years of being a business coach and workshop leader, I’ve touched hundreds of food companies, just like yours, and can tell you this…

While there is no magic pill, there IS an approach to marketing that is simple, intentional, authentic…and most importantly effective at helping you grow your business. 

This bootcamp is especially for existing food entrepreneurs who have been in business a few years, have been doing all the marketing yourself, but aren’t seeing the growth they need to sustain their food business, AND for new food entrepreneurs who are just getting their business started and want to get a solid marketing plan built up under them. 

You’re ready to do the work. You just need a solid plan and someone to walk you through it.

The Ultimate Marketing Bootcamp, is a live, 8-week coaching + training program designed to walk you step-by-step through the eight critical parts of creating your food-focused marketing plan. 

  • Who your ideal customer is, and how to describe yourself and your business to them 
  • How to set up your mailing list and use it to build relationships with your audience 
  • The right way to use social media to turn followers into paying customers 
  • Powerful strategies to attract new customers and develop your “Rockstars” who support your business in all sorts of meaningful ways 
  • How to work with your partners in the field in a way that taps into hundreds of new potential customers 
  • And most importantly, how to implement these strategies in a genuine, authentic and “non-salesy” way, regardless of your comfort level with marketing! 

  • To grow the number of your followers and customers substantially every single month
  • Your confidence to skyrocket, especially when you have to tell people who you are and what you do 
  • Customers will naturally move through your business, resulting in increased sales, better engagement, and a more seamless customer experience
  • You'll have an awesome tribe of aligned partners that want to collaborate with you and help grow your business  
  • And most importantly, you will have dramatically shortened your learning curve when it comes to marketing your food business, getting customers, and building your bank account. 

This course is broken down into eight weeks running from March 27th through May 15th and covers the eight critical categories of your marketing plan. 

Each week you receive:

  • A 90-minute video conference call with live coaching and training
  • A "cheat sheet" with the key points of the weekly topic
  • A step-by-step homework excercise that walks you through how to put the ideas into practice in your food business.  
  • You'll also get email templates, checklists, and other time saving, done-for-you resources.

Week 1: Discover Your Ideal Customer: Get crystal clear on who your perfect customers are, what they most need and struggle with, and where to find them. 

Week 2: Craft Your Message: Learn how to answer the question “what do you do?” and describe your business in a way that inspires confidence and curiosity. 

Week 3: Create and Grow Your Mailing List: How to start and use your mailing list to dramatically grow your customer base and build relationships with your customers. 

Week 4: Get Social: Learn the three most effective types of social media posts, and how to turn followers into subscribers and paying customers. 

Week 5: Attract New Customers: Design and implement a system that consistently brings new followers into your audience, and how to energize and turn them into paying customers. 

Week 6: Create Rockstar Customers: Design key steps that turn your top customers into energized “Rockstars” bringing you more customers, more money, and other types of support. 

Week 7: Powerful Partnerships: How to find aligned partners that are excited to collaborate, what to say to them, how to tap into hundreds of potential ideal clients using partnerships. 

Week 8: Your Marketing Plan: We’ll pull all the modules together and finalize your official marketing and communications plan. You’ll leave feeling organized, inspired, and focused. 

BONUS #1:Working with the Press” Live Virtual Workshop - participate in this 3-hour live virtual workshop for a crash course on getting press coverage for your food business. The course will be equal parts training, individual exercises, and live feedback and coaching. 

BONUS #2: Private Facebook Group - You’ll be part of a secret Facebook group that will allow you to stay connected with those in The Ultimate Marketing Bootcamp program and get live feedback from me throughout the course. 


I’m a gal who spent 10 years as a director of sales and marketing, started and ran an organic baby food company in San Francisco, and realized through that process that I want nothing more then to support, encourage, and help OTHER food entrepreneurs as they start and grow their food businesses. Coaching for Cooks launched in 2012 and I haven’t looked back since.  

I work mostly with founders of food companies, especially those who are in a launch or growth phase. We work together to develop authentic marketing strategies that bring more of the awesome customers they want, and to help them create the food business of their dreams.  

How long does the group run? We start on Tuesday, March 27th and run 8 weeks through Tuesday, May 15th.

How do I participate in the live coaching calls? All the coaching calls will take place on a video conference platform called Zoom. You’ll get to see my smiling face live every week for 90 minutes on video, and (if you choose to be), you’ll be on video too. There are also dial-in options if a phone-only option is preferred, and also international numbers if you are located out of the United States. 

What if I miss a week? All of the video calls will be recorded, so if you miss any of the live coaching calls, you won’t miss out on any of the content. All of the written materials are emailed to you ahead of time as well. 

Will I get one-on-one coaching with you during the program? While you won’t get private coaching sessions outside of the 90-minute video calls, there will be ample time to ask questions and get coaching on your own business on all of our video calls. All you have to do is raise your hand and ask! 

I have another question that you haven’t answered… No problem, just shoot me an email at jill(at)coachingforcooks(dot)com and I’d be happy to answer whatever question you have.